Mind your gut microbiota for your metabolism and heart ! - a Metacardis international event 

September 28th and 29th, 2018


Friday, September 28th, 2018

Meeting registration (8.30h-10.30h)

9:00    Welcome address and introduction
           Karine Clément: The Metacardis project

9:30    MetaCardis Keynote Speaker  (Chair: Karine Clement)
           Prof Dusko Ehrlich, INRA: The history of metagenomics

10:30    Coffee Break

10:45    Diabetes and Obesity I (Chair: Fredrik Bäckhed)
             Principal investigators (25’ presentation, 5’ discussion)
             Fredrik Bäckhed: Translational approaches to delineate the role of microbiome in metabolic diseases
             Max Nieuwdorp: Using FMT to dissect the causality of gut microbiota in human metabolic disease


              Unpublished results from young investigators (15’)
             Karen Assmann: Immune cells and gut metagenomics
             Gwen Falony: Quantitative profiling of the gut microbiota – impacts for clinical research

12:30    LUNCH break

13:30    Diabetes and Obesity II (Chair: Judith Aron-Wisnewsky )
             Principal investigators (25’ presentation, 5’ discussion)
             Hervé Blottière: Commensal bacteria and the intestine
             Eugeni Belda: Integrative study of host and microbiome metabolic profiles in the transition to severe obesity and impaired metabolic health

             Results from the MetaCardis MetaTransition
             Unpublished results from young investigators (15’):
             Judith Aron-Wisnewsky: Bariatric surgery and metagenomics
             Francois Brial: Microbial metabolites in rodent models of insulin resistance

15:15    Coffee Break

15:30    Cardiovascular diseases (Chair: Oluf Pedersen)
             Principal investigators (25’ presentation, 5’ discussion)
             Oluf Pedersen:  Regulators of the human microbiome
             Kristiansen K.: The Microbiome and atherosclerosis.

              Unpublished results from young investigators (15’)
             Sebastien Fromentin: Microbiome and metabolome features of human ischaemic heart disease deconvoluted for impact of medication and co-morbidities’


17:15    Focus on Big Data (Chair: Jean-Daniel Zucker)
             Adrien Basdevant: Legal and ethical issues of big data

            Thierry Magnins & Mathieu Guillermin: Ethics embedded in MetaCardis

18:15    Evening event: Poster session with cocktail


Saturday, September 29th, 2018

9:00    Drug-related effects (Chair Rima Chakaroun)
           Principal investigators (25’ presentation, 5’ discussion)
           Peer Bork: Importance of drugs in metagenomic profiles
           Valentina Tremaroli: Metformin and diabetes

           Unpublished results from young investigators (15’)
           Sofia Forslund: Elucidating drug effects on the microbiota

10:40  Coffee Break

10:45  NAFLD/NASH (Chair: Jeroen Raes)
           Principal investigators (25’ presentation, 5’ discussion)
           Philippe Gérard: Gut microbiota and liver disease: lessons from germ-free animal models
           Marc Dumas: Molecular Phenomics and Metagenomics of Hepatic Steatosis in Non-Diabetic Obese Women

           Unpublished results from young investigators (15’)
           Chloe Vigliotti: Metagenomic biomarkers associated with NASH and fibrosis progression

12:15  The future of the gut microbiota in CMDs (Chair: Karine Clément)
            Eran Elinav: Future of metagenomics in metabolic diseases

13:15   Conference closing remarks by Karine Clément

13:30   Finger Lunch

Please note: last minute modifications might be necessary.


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